Furniture Moving Annapolis, MD


When you’re looking for furniture movers in MD, you want a business that’s dependable and trustworthy, a company that specializes in small moves plus moving furniture from state-to-state. That’s precisely what Six Star Moving offers.

We have over 20 years experience in the relocation industry , our furniture delivery services will transport your furniture from one single site to the next with the utmost care, as if the furniture was our own. Our moving company can provide a number of features with all of our furniture moving. When our furniture movers in MD transport your items, you get one-stop moving services from listing to relocation and complete care for your valuable furniture. At our business, we understand that your valuable furniture carries meaning, both individually and financially. We also take satisfaction in our reasonable and competitive furniture delivery MD prices. To request a quote now, call us today.

As your local moving company, we are here to help in every way possible. Sometimes you want to move furniture yourself, but you don’t have the man-power. Here at Six Star Moving, our team is happy to help you protect, load and unwrap your furniture’s protective coverings. If you need furniture transported, look no further than Six Star Moving. We move your large, bulky, or oddly-shaped furniture for the lowest costs in New England! We’re familiar with moving all of the following items:

Bedroom sets

Your bed frame, nightstand, and dressers are safe with us. Our professional movers will disassemble and prepare your furniture for transport. Once it arrives at its destination safely, we will reassemble your furniture for you as well.


From a twin to a king, if you need a mattress shipped, we’ve got you covered. Before transport, we carefully protect mattresses with a plastic covering and box them up if necessary. Whether foam, pillow top, innerspring, memory foam, you can sleep soundly knowing your mattress is in good hands.

Dining room sets

Your dining room is the gathering place in your home. Memories are made and bread is shared. We make sure to carefully protect the glass on china cabinets, disassemble the dining table, provide a protective covering for each chair, and reassemble furniture upon arrival. We’ll make sure your dining room set gets to its destination safe and sound.

Patio furniture

Keep your patio furniture looking nice. Prior to transport, we disassemble the patio furniture set, protect each piece with a covering, and reassemble the furniture upon arrival. Our professional movers will make sure your furniture arrives intact.

Living room furniture

Whether it’s couches, coffee tables, or end tables, we’ll get your living room furniture to its destination at competitive rates. We provide disassembly of all furniture, carefully wrap each piece in a protective covering, and reassembly upon delivery.


Books take you on a journey. Doesn’t your bookshelf deserve a safe journey? We’ll get your bookshelf where it needs to go and make sure your books have a safe home.


Your desk is where your great ideas are born and your hard work is done. We provide disassembly of desks and office furniture, carefully protect each piece with a covering, and reassemble once the items are delivered. We’ll ship your desk quickly and safely, so you can keep your ideas coming.

And more!

Whether your furniture is brand new or a treasured family heirloom, no one will take better care of it. Across the state or across USA, Six Star Moving will get your furniture to its destination safely. Unlike other moving companies in MD, we specialize in moving furniture in and out of different states. For that reason, our company does not have the disadvantages of other furniture movers. Don’t give up when faced with the inconvenience of moving long distance. Talk to the best furniture moving company that MA offers – Six Star Moving!

Furniture Moving Annapolis MD